Materra Made

Founded by a couple who believed hemp and hemp based products can help heal the world. These veteran entrepreneurs approached TMRRW with a product and a mission. We worked with the founders to develop a brand and go-to market strategy, than crafted a name and visual identity that aligned with the business goals. Materra comes from the Latin words "Mater" (Mother) and "Terra" (Earth), fitting for an all natural product line inspired by mother earth.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Naming
  • Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • E-Commerce

Our Approach

Materra is the product of thoughtfully following the steps of our process from start to finish. Through full day workshops and discovery we were able to unearth insights that informed the business model, target market, core values and strategy. From there our team worked through naming, visual identity, logo design and followed the brand project immediately with an E-commerce design built in accordance with the brand standards.

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Brand Strategy

During our discovery we helped the founders determine the segment of the market to focus their efforts with the brand. As a smaller start up, and first time online sellers, it was obvious success would come much easier by finding an undeserved niche that we could serve well and build a brand around that market. Our team prepared a comprehensive research document which included analysis of consumer trends, competitive research and other market data. Once we aligned the companies core values adjacent to these market gaps it was clear this brand would be crafted for women's wellness and supporting the cornerstone of the family unit, mothers. Our team work internally on naming and presented the client with Materra, a name that was inspired by the core values of the company, the customer avatar and the product itself. It was a unanimous yes.The rest of the design process continued in alignment with our core brand strategy.

Web Strategy

Once we completed the brand, we pulled in our digital strategy team and reviewed a plan for E-Commerce. Our goal was to create an experience crafted for our customer avatar and that gave customers a unique experience that balances product information and education with conversion optimization.  It was critical that values core to the business were upheld in the web experience. That meant having an emphasis on earning trust first and a customer second.  Due to the nature of digital marketing for CBD brands, we had to be especially careful how we designed the e-commerce platform for marketing strategies in the future.

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“Sometimes you find good companies, sometimes you find great companies, then on rare occasions you find an exceptional company. We are very grateful to have the privilege to work with this company. They are professional top to bottom and work hard to deliver on their promise and go beyond expectations.​”

— John Brough (Materra Co-Founder)

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