Los Puntos

Los Puntos Cantina is a mexican inspired restaurant located in the heart of Point Edward Village. With only a logo, the restaurant suffered without having a working design system in place. The tmrrw inc. team was tasked to create a design system that would provide cohesiveness across the board. This system would benefit the restaurant in creating a better experience for all their current and future customers.

  • Web Development
  • Print Design
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design

Project Scope

With only being open less than a year, Los Puntos has effectively crafted an identity through the use of it’s skull logo. Through its unique design and the bright vibrant interiors of the restaurant the mood was already set, it just needed a clear direction. With a refreshed identity we started to tackle key customer touch points like the menu to solve existing problems and enhance the customer experience.

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Brand Film

As one of a few mexican restaurants in the area, Los Puntos was looking for ways to stand out and market it’s delicious menu. The team wanted to showcase the fresh ingredients they use daily to create their flavour packed, authentic mexican tacos. We thought what better way to do that then a promo video giving customers an intimate look at the process.

Website Strategy

The site for Los Puntos was a great example of giving the people what they want… the food! There was no need to over complicate the design, we built the entire experience around their delicious menu. Between entrees, apps, drinks and specials the menu had nearly 100 items so we built an interactive menu that’s quick and easy to navigate without leaving out any details.

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