Caspr AI

Caspr is an AI tool on a mission to bring the power of lightning-fast generative text to their users with as little friction as possible. To make sure their product launch was a success, our creative department assisted them with their branding and online presence.


- Naming

- Brand Identity Design
- Web Design
- Video Production

Our Approach

In addition to the brand attributes — Intuitive, Transparent, Playful, Steady — it’s clear that Caspr was built for speed and efficiency. In a space with a bad reputation for misuse of user data, we needed the brand to convey Caspr’s trustworthy nature to their clients for a successful launch. Caspr AI’s community-driven approach is what sets them apart.

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The Result

A brand identity and digital presence that captivates the curiosity of their target audience and delights their users. Caspr is more than just a brand, it's a personal AI assistant with a big personality that comes with it. Their roadmap was even faster than their AI interface, going from idea to customers in less than 30 days, but the TMRRW team was up to the challenge and completed the project inside 2 weeks.

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