A startup with ambitions of disrupting the world of electrification needed a brand identity that reflected their values and stood out among their peers. Moreover, AlumaPower needed an identity that reflected its unique product and industrial design.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Print Design
  • Creative Production

Brand Strategy

As a startup ramping up, the company very quickly needed an identity that could help align new employees, and put in place some structure for all the marketing and investor relations already in motion. We worked with the founders and executive team to create a foundation of brand positioning and strategy by unearthing the core values and mission of the company. We explored several potential directions and finally landed on an identity well suited for AlumaPower and positioned for success.

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Product Application

The visual identity presented some unique opportunities to intertwine the brand into the customer experience. Like many industrial brands, AlumaPower required vehicular branding, standard collateral etc. However we were also able to apply the branding to the aluminum disks, to be a brand touch point but also as functional grip when handling the recharge disks.

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