Shaping brands that your customers will love and your competitors will envy.

We build brands for the future, for organizations that want to stand out and win customers.

We do this by creating brands that ultimately do one thing really, really, really well – magnifying the performance on every single marketing or sales interaction your brand has with its customers. All of this on the back of a brand strategy and identity that pays dividends every day of its existence.

Our Process


Uncovering the core values, mission and vision of your company through a series of workshop exercises, with founders or executive teams. All of this was designed in a way to best capture a brand's raw DNA.

Research & Planning

Discovering a brand's identity requires a deep understanding of how we want to be perceived by customers and compared to competitors. We conduct an extensive amount of research of the market as well as similar markets or industries. We use this to inform a data driven strategy that will actually work.


There is always more than one way to skin a brand. Sometimes more than one way could, in theory, be effective. So we explore any option with high potential of success and evaluate them with you, peers or focus groups.

Brand Identity Design

How brands communicate their identity visually can radically influence a customer. We’re visual creatures, which is why we craft an identity that communicates everything we want it to, before the customer even says hello.

Brand Standards Manual

We provide our clients with a comprehensive, visual design system and manual. These items illustrate inappropriate usage, guidelines for tone of voice, imagery, social media, typography and more. We call these brand bibles and every brand is unique.

Brand Design & Support

Your brand will continue to require new creative assets, collateral and more. If you don’t have the resources to create these items internally, our team can continue to support these projects on an on-going basis.

Meet the team

Liwordson Vijayabalan

President & Brand Strategist

Joshua McDonald

Creative Director

From our first meeting, we loved the energy and enthusiasm Li and his team greeted us with. TMRRW was always quick to respond with our questions and find resolve. I couldn’t be happier to have met and to be venturing into our new business with TMRRW as our website, brand and marketing leader. They are well educated in their fields, very savvy and enthusiastic no matter what challenges we gave them.

Cindy Brough


My experience working with TMRRW was incredibly positive; the logo is fantastic and so is the brand concept behind the visual identity. I would definitely hire the TMRRW team again in the future.

Robin Cooke